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“This is the time when an incredible number of medical practitioners

will cash in and create a mountain of wealth”

Discover How A Single Marketing System Created Unprecedented Earning Opportunities For Medical Practitioners

This Is YOUR Time!

Transform Your Practice Into a

7 Figure Profitable Business Within A Year

Even If You’ve Never Run A Business Before

Meet Ana. She had moved from Scotland to the U.S. with the dream of starting a successful healthcare practice. Despite her excellent reputation as a doctor .. Ana struggled to make an impact.

“I worked day and night. weekdays and weekends” she recalls. I was making enough to pay my mortgage and my staff .. but not enough to justify the amount of work I was putting in. I hardly had any time for my family. Younger doctors far less qualified were making 3 or 4 times than I was. I just wanted to know how”.

And she did. Ana discovered the Swell sales funnel. Suddenly, she was in front of thousands of people requiring healthcare - every day. The funnel provided the trust and created a human connection with follow-ups.

“The volume of calls I was receiving was overwhelming,” she laughs. Luckily, I was given a ready-script that helped me to bring them in as paying customers”.

Since then Ana's earning has shot over $300,000 a year. Now she’s planning on opening her second practice at a different location.

Here’s a glimpse of the marketing strategies of the biggest, most successful, and richest doctors in the U.S.A. today

You know you want to hit that 7 figure mark, you would like holidays at luxury destinations .. and be one of the big doctors. That’s why you’re here. So, let me show you what they do.

And let me tell you the good news first .. you already have all the building blocks required for that.

All you need is the know-how to...


Just by doing this, doctors far less qualified than you are living the American Dream WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING EXTRA.

A Data-Driven Machine Marketing Set-Up Is All It Takes. AI Does The Rest.

All YOU Do Is .. give them appointments and healthcare.

Even if ..

you don't have 8 hours a day for your business or don’t have thousands to spend on coaches, fancy tools, or systems...

.. and you're clueless about medical marketing!

Booked On-Site. The Ultimate Conversion Pack

Andy, a British General Physician had moved to New York from Aberdeen, Scotland to grow his medical career. His Scottish charm and

Your current site is showing all kinds of info regarding you, your practice, your services. Possibly the fantastic team you have (if not, do it).

It’s good .. but not great. It doesn’t sell. Not as much as you should day in, day out.


Because your patients are also visiting countless similar sites to gauge their best options .,.

By the time their research is halfway.. they forget all about your site and your services.

Hook them in as soon as they land

on your site with the MedicX One Funnel

And here’s how to do it...

But first, your top 5 reasons to discover MedicX One Funnel…


The Obvious Benefits

The SURVIVAL of your practice depends 100% on your ability to assemble local patients and prospects.

When you have a constant flow of patients... your practice is safe as a bond – with freedom from the fears & dangers of financial struggle.

If your practice DOESN'T embrace new-age AI marketing... your younger competitors WILL and DOMINATE the health space. You know what that means.

Advanced knowledge equals advanced income... implementing the most advanced proven AI Marketing Automation gives you an unfair advantage over other practitioners in your area.

The value of a selling system that works non-stop like a machine… is equal to having a sales force working for you around the clock (only without paying).


In The Past 3 Months:

53 Profit-Focused Doctors

Had More Than 23,109 Patients Calling Them Up For A Visit

That’s An Average of Over 435 New Patients Per Doctor

Now, let’s say the average Lifetime Value

of Each Patient Is $500...

How Much Extra Money Would You Make?

Yes, that right .. OVER $217,000

Can You Ignore It? It’s Your Call!

See What Your Fellow Doctors Are Saying

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Low Volume Of Patients Is Your Confession...

“Low number of monthly patients” is a confession that you're following the wrong "school" of business ...

...and by implementing this AI lead generation system, you'll discover...

  • Proven strategies used to slash the common confusion and frustration suffered by most of today's struggling doctors and medical practitioners.

Adopt these proven methods as your own...

With this machine-learning lead-generation system, and you'll see...

  • A clear process for starting, finishing, and launching "winning"...

SEO, ads, sales letters, social media, and emails to profitably grow your practice as a business

...implementing the exact SAME methods used by the highest earning tooth-fairies of all-time.


The #1 Reason Why These Doctors

Today Are Earning A Lot Less

Every doctor who thinks these things are making less than they should

  • Regular steady flow of patients ... Not possible.

  • Online presence ... overrated.

  • Lead Generation System... not for me.

  • Increasing Life-Time Value Of Each Patient ... Not sure

  • Upsell ... “Fries with burger” strategy? No thanks, I’m a physician for Christ’s sake.

  • Medical Brand Marketing ... No time for it.

  • Facebook Advertisement … tried it, doesn’t work.

  • Sales Funnel ... what are you talking about?

YES, the truth is...

Today we live in a world where 72% of millennials research their options online. A tantalizing number of doctors are available online to virtually everyone in your area.


The doctors topping the sales charts today are getting an average of 5 X more business than the average physician …

… using Marketing Automation and spending more worry-free time with their families

… and doing NOTHING MORE THAN setting up a marketing account and seeing their sales surge.

  • These doctors spend more quality time with their families without worrying about business.
  • Are guaranteed more patients than they can generate on their own
  • Have a healthier relationship with patients who keep returning and spreading word-of-mouth.
  • Focus on what they love doing most
  • Can rely on a machine system that takes care of the entire sales process.


Discover A System That Sells Like Clockwork

Meet The ‘MedicX One Funnel’

It’s the most advanced foolproof sales system ever

No, it’s not a ‘Make Money Quick’ promise (because it doesn’t work)

What you’re looking at is a proven marketing system that’s turned America into a consumer conglomerate.

It’s an age-old proven marketing strategy that’s been used for over a hundred years and now its SPEED & EFFICIENCY is boosted by modern A.I. and BIG DATA.

Tactical Marketing Strategy with Advanced Machine Learning AI.

Reason It Works So Well In Health Sector

(Read This Twice At Least)

  • BIG DATA pulls out everyone in your area who needs or may need health care … with the knowledge of people’s location, health, browsing habits, medical needs, history, demographics, income level, spending habits .. (and even fidelity :)

  • A.I skims this colossal data in seconds to give you a list of those who are ready and most likely to spend on health services.

  • It segments your target audience into groups according to sex, age, income, spending habit, interest … so you can target them with laser precision


  • Automated marketing allows you to nurse leads (those who showed interest but did not book) through email campaigns and retargeting ads without lifting a finger.

  • Shows you on Google whenever people search for doctors in your area

  • *** Psychological Influence. Compelling copy and design massively impact people’s decision when choosing a medical service ***

Things get serious from here (we take sales seriously)

What You Get

MedicX One bundles up 10 of the most powerful marketing tools in one easy-to-manage place.

You set a sales target that’s right for you - and then increase it as your practice gets busier for one and only monthly subscription.

No need to track hundreds of team members. You get a dedicated account manager to show in a detailed report the progress of your business every week/month.

That’s hundreds of hours of your hard work reduced to 30 minutes a week.

Now, you’re already starting to get a glimpse of how the rich get richer while working less.

Get so much more .. for so much less.

What’s Inside MedicX One Funnel?

To make the magic work and channel all patients to your practice, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

This is called


Discover what makes MedicX One the #1 profit-making sales funnel for doctors

Irresistible Offer

Offer Creation - The lifeblood of any business, at the heart of success in any endeavor, is the existence of a compelling and irresistible offer. We create that IRRESISTIBLE offer for you.

Offer Ideation - We’ll assess your opportunities, competitors, and previous patient behavior to come up with the strongest offers.

The offers are ultra-specific to your practice and calculated for monetary gain

Capture Market With Lead Generation

1. Facebook ads - Laser-targeting patients according to their age, sex, illness, and spending habits. Become the hero and doctor in your area

2. Dedicated Landing Pages - Creating distraction-free conversion pages where patients turn from audience > leads > service buyers

3. Copywriting - The single most powerful weapon in your marketing toolbox. Our expert copywriters enter the mindscape of your patients and address their dreams and fears.

4. Creative - Humans are, by nature, very visual beings. 90% of snap judgments are made about products and services based on color alone.

Influence your patients’ perception in your favor with stunning scientific creatives

5. Videos - Vision is your audience’s dominant sense. Even a simple Tips On Healthy Living video from you will drastically increase conversion … and lead to direct sales.

6. Testing and optimization - Perfection needs testing. We spent over half a million dollars on A/B testing so you can save time and money on initial tests and instead focus on profit.

7. Cost reduction - Using data-driven machine marketing helps you cut marketing costs at a consistent rate that allows you to lower your cost-per-patient-acquisition.

Funnel Development

1. TOFU - In this initial stage, the campaign raises awareness, grabs attention and generate interest, and leads

2. MOFU - Generate credibility, boosts your authority and your patients now start to consider switching to you - the authority figure

3. BOFU - Striking while the iron is hot. Your patients know you, trust you, and are now considering switching over to you.

Retarget and close - don't leave money on the table.

4. Appointment Setup - Here we guide your patients to your calendar app where they can view available spots and schedule an appointment.

Appointment Automation

1. Auto-calling software - Save money, time and increase efficiency. Automatically dial numbers from a contact list. When the call gets answered, the software connects the call receiver to you, an agent, or a recorded message.

2. Appointment setter script customization - Gives the machine a high-selling script. This leads to fewer hangups, more quality conversations, and more closed deals

3. Appointment setter setup - Save yourself from being on the phone all day. Your patients can book appointments while you’re enjoying quality time with your family.

4. Calendar setup for consultation - Pick the hours you choose to work. The tool does the rest .. takes appointments, sends confirmation, follows up with reminders, and shows when you’re unavailable .. all while you’re playing golf with your buddies.

5. Automatic follow-up - Use automated emails to follow without lifting a finger. Show that you care and establish a relationship that will encourage them to show up for follow-ups and build on their Lifetime Dollar Value

6. Automatic follow-up SMS reminder (optional) - This allows you to kindly remind your patients about their scheduled appointment with you.


1. Closing script - You are trained to save lives .. It’s what you do best. This means you probably suck at selling. This is where we train you with proven scripts. So, you can save more lives

2. Closing assistance and coaching videos - This will not only train you but your team to take the phone calls. Get the sales pitch of the richest doctors in America.

3. Closing KPI metric setup and training - The percentage of closing ratio metric gives your sales team insight into how effective their efforts are in closing their sales. This metric measures the number of closed sales in the last month compared to the number of calls.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Setup

Grow Like A Business

1. Installation of CRM - This easy-to-use visual system not only increases your number of patients drastically but helps retain them for years and improves ‘customer satisfaction’.

2. Properly track leads to close ratio - Have a clear vision of how many leads are turning into paying customers.

3. Seamless follow-up - Show that you care with regular follow-ups (personally or with automated emails)

4. CRM Tutorial and optimization of increasing your leads - We’ll train you on how to transform your medical skills into sales ammunition. This is the roadmap to medical stardom

You Might Be Wondering “Do I Get All This

For One Monthly Flat Fee?”….

The simple answer is “YES’.

Everything mentioned above and the bonuses will be set up for you and run every month like clockwork. Plus you’ll get a dedicated account manager to take you through detailed progress reports every week/month.

Now, Don’t Think For A Second That…

Health practice's most profitable system ...

… is difficult just because the richest doctors are doing it too...

… is not a powerhouse selling-machine because we can set them up within weeks …

… cannot keep generating and nursing leads independently even when you’re on vacation

Still Wondering Whether … Or .. ?


The Best News Of All

Health practice's most profitable system comes with an iron-clad guarantee.

Let us implement the tools and strategies and integrate them with your website, and ..

Your investment has a guaranteed return.

You get a minimum of 10 appointments a month with this system, or ..

Your Money Back


You won’t find a SAFER or BETTER deal that guarantees multiplying your money in such a short time .. not even Wall Street!

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